Capital Letters

Capital Letters

Chris Lane - Fashion Records

Errol Bellot

Jah Bunny and Red Eye Errol

Rise Up

Gil Cang and Nick Mannasseh – Riz Records

Reggae Archive Records is a record label dealing in British Reggae from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We aim to showcase music from British Reggae labels and artists.  Music that provides a historical account / document of all things Reggae that should never be forgotten. Many of the artists and releases are rare, unknown or never before released. The material has been lovingly digitally remastered from vinyl, ¼ inch tape, dat or cassette. The original vinyl releases would generally have been limited to runs of 1000 copies or less.

Featured Track

‘Permission – Admiral Tibet’
-Rise Up

Rise Up

We are also working in partnership with the Fashion Records back catalogue.

We would like to thank the original label owners and/or the artists for allowing us to share with you their forgotten works and provide a statement of how brilliant British Reggae has always been.

Enjoy and never forget the talented ones from the past, they deserve to be recognised & remembered.

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